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We are here to help you heal your heart and embracing your true self

“Each individual has a unique soul.”


But as long as you're avoiding your feelings, you're denying reality. And if you try to shut something out and say, "I don't want to think about it," I guarantee that you're going to think about it.

So, invite the feeling in, sit down with it, keep it company. And then decide how long you're going to hold on to it.

Because you're not a fragile little somebody.

It's good to face every reality. To stop fighting a hiding. To remember that a feeling is just a feeling.

It's not your identity.

- The Gift by Edith Eva Eger



One on one sessions that fully focused on you. We are here to help you to be a better version of yourself.


All leaders and team members need to be aligned to work optimally.


Psychology is for all, as well as curiosity. Learning psychology is a path to know more about yourself.

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“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

– Carl G. Jung

Our soul is not just our consciousness alone. The unconscious part is surprisingly larger than the conscious. It’s hidden, but not totally unseen. As we grow, our unconsciousness stores and develops many untouchable memories, wounds and probably traumas. In Modula Jiwa, you will take a new journey. Not to travel the world. But to dive into your soul.



juanita tirayoh

A former TV journalist, psyche and soma practitioner, a loving mother who deeply passionate about mental health. She tirelessly talks and spreads about mental health awareness. She holds a bachelor degree in international relations.


A mental health enthusiast and a psyche and soma practitioner. He holds an Associates of Economics and currently works in a field that matches his passion while actively spreading awareness of mental health. A certified Personal Trainer.

yusa aziz

A psyche and soma practitioner who is intensively-trained in Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit Modalities and more than 17 years experienced in guiding individuals, couples, business leaders/owners, executives and families transforming their lives into abundance growth, fulfillment, balance, and whole in all aspects of their well-being in physical material, emotional, mental and spiritual.


A knitwear designer, a yarn dyer. A psyche and soma practitioner who passionate about every soul’s mission and our existence in this world. She holds a bachelor degree in journalism and always find a spare time to write about mental health. A former radio announcer and executive secretary.