Hello, We Are Modula Jiwa!

– Written by Amelia Putri –

Photo by Sam Lion on Pexels.com
"What do you want?"

"Just coffee. Black - like my soul."

"Sugar? Less sugar? No sugar?"

"No sugar, please. Because I'd rather know the worst truth instead of the sweetest lies."

"Hot or cold?"

"Hot. Even though it's bitter, it gives warmth to my heart."


We were strangers before, until our mutual friend introduced us. We were inseparable since then. “There are no coincidences.” That is what we believe. You are here, reading this post for a reason. It’s not just a mere coincidence.


Perhaps you asked this silently, “What is Modula Jiwa?”. We came up with this name because we once had our own difficulties, sadness, and wounds in our hearts. We are only humans. We have feelings, just like anyone else, just like you. Modula Jiwa is “Mengobati Duka dan Luka Jiwa” or literally “Healing soul’s sorrow and wounds”. As painful as it was, our healing journey liberated us from those wounds by embracing them. It does sound contradictory. But, it really worked, and it’s not just temporarily.


We strongly believe that everyone has unique soul and different paths of life. Happiness is something that we always strive for in our lives, but we have different perspectives and values about happiness itself. For some people, doing what they love to do is happiness. Others may find that freedom is happiness, being successful in career is happiness, and so on.


Unfortunately, there is always a flip side to every story. Just like there is shadow when there is light, sadness is inevitable. Even though bitterness can make us stronger, sometimes we feel it is too much to bear. Not everyone can come clean admitting their problems, moreover showing their emotions. We often repress our feelings, our pure emotions in order to look tough. This will lead to feeding your soul with negative emotions.


As we grow, the negative emotions and energy fill up our soul. We may not aware of this in a day to day basis. The pain that we thought had disappeared, is still there. The wound that we thought had healed, is still bleeding. Without realizing, the sadness, regrets, sense of guilt, desperation, we keep them inside our heart and soul. Slowly but surely, we started feeling anxious, depressed, lonely, guilty, oppressed, unproductive, helpless, and finally it affects your physical health.


We are here to listen. It is not just a one-way healing process, from us to you, but it goes from you to yourself, and from you to us as well. This is a collaborative healing journey. When you read this, we assure you, you are not alone.

Say this loudly or secretly to yourself:

“It is okay not to be okay.”



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